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Palliative care

Pain and other symptoms (including anxiety, nausea, and dyspnea) were common and improved significantly while patients were receiving inpatient palliative care. ... The observed improvements in symptoms indicate that palliative care succeeded in
December 2019

A doctor seeks ways to encourage earlier palliative care talks

for core palliative care tools; and optimize palliative care for patients with cancer. ... Still, every time you look at palliative care, over and over again, it saves money.
March 2015

ACP Hospitalist

So, doc, am I gonna die?". Identifying "teachable moments" for patients is an important part of quality care.

Palliative care

A mortality prediction model built into the electronic health record (EHR) may help target palliative care in seriously ill hospitalized patients, a new study found. ... Documentation of advance care planning increased by 38%, and referrals to palliative
July 2019

Talking points on palliative care

Some hospitals have already made the switch to more artful synonyms for palliative care. ... Palliative care programs can help with both of those goals, according to J.
May 2011

Specialist palliative care services linked with small positive effect on quality of life

They added that the true effects of specialized palliative care might have been underestimated due to various methodological issues. ... The effect on quality of life might be more pronounced for patients with cancer and for those who received
July 2017

Early palliative care improves quality of life in patients with metastatic lung cancer

Seventy-four patients were assigned to the standard care group, and 77 were assigned to receive early palliative care. ... 38%; P=0.01). Fewer patients receiving early palliative care also received aggressive end-of-life care (33% vs.
August 2010

What not to do in palliative care

and some alternative actions that could provide more palliative care benefit to patients. ... The use of IV fluids is a topic of debate among palliative care experts.
December 2015

Expanding the reach of palliative care

More hospitals have invested in palliative care, but such services remain rare in rural areas. ... In response, some hospitals and palliative care programs are using telehealth to reach distant patients.
February 2020

Palliative care guidelines updated with increased focus on collaboration, communication

of palliative care is the responsibility of all who care for the seriously ill. ... The National Consensus Project for Quality Palliative Care released the fourth edition of its clinical practice guidelines last week.
November 2018

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