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Letters to the Editor

Sometimes we get so drowned in trying to “fix” the patient that we begin to chase shadows and forget the simple reason for their visit in the first place—in this ... case, a simple cut to the cheek.
November 2015

Letters to the Editor

Of course, none of this touches on the best way to code for an acute change in mental status caused by a medical condition. ... Peter J. Manos, PhD, MD. Seattle. Editor's note: The following is Dr.
November 2010

Letters to the Editor

C-STAHR uses the “problem tree” as a guide to developing focused interventions addressing specific factors. ... To address this issue, a combination of community, student, and clinician input led to the selection of a communication/self-advocacy form
April 2016

Letter to the Editor

A reader debates “The Hospital of the Future.”. I am writing in regards to your recent article “The Hospital of the Future “ (ACP Hospitalist, August 2011). ... The nurse is in and out of each room at least eight times per shift.
October 2011


By isolating the MRSA patients to one floor, the spread of infection to non-MRSA-infected or -colonized patients would obviously be reduced. ... Somebody needs to think “outside the box,” as what the medical community is doing now is not working.
September 2007

ICU training should come standard

A reader responds to a story on ICU care. I write in response to “Hospitalists work to find their way in the ICU” in the May 2018 ACP Hospitalist. ... Before my career switch to program director, I was a frontline general internist for nearly 30
July 2018

Caring for sexual minorities: Readers respond

In her response to the article “Clinicians and the care of sexual minorities,” Nancy Lawless describes gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered people as having made a “lifestyle choice” that “leads to ... impact of her views on her patients
September 2008

Seven on/seven off: Readers respond

Joseph G. Weigel, FACP, Somerset, Ky. Editor's note: The following is Dr. ... Ma's response to the above letters. Dr. Weigel comments poignantly about how quality-of-life issues have become a significant factor in the practice of medicine, suggesting
July 2011

Deciding about CPR: Readers respond

Deciding about CPR: Readers respond. Another approach to the very difficult decision faced by the hospitalist described by Dr. ... of multiple intravascular catheters and a bladder catheter, would it be acceptable to adhere to the recorded DNR order?
August 2008

Letters to the Editor

From cover to cover, it seemed like every article was related to an active issue for me—observation coding confusion, mentoring, newbie interns, a guide for future hospitalists, meeting overload, and ... all the other articles … everything applied to
October 2012

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