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ACC, AHA release updated performance, quality measures for afib

only. The performance measures, classified under the domain of effective clinical care, were as follows:. ... Monthly international normalized ratio for warfarin treatment (outpatient). The quality measures were classified under the domains of effective
June 2016

Syncope units: One solution to an expensive problem

each year. Diagnostic costs can climb into the tens of thousands of dollars, and costs of care are high: $8,700 per admission, with an average length of stay of 3 ... The teams were not isolated management units, but rather specialized teams with
November 2013

Act early to avert AKI

Kellum, MD, a professor of critical care medicine at the University of Pittsburgh.“ There's no metric. ... Thakar.“ Maybe overall intensive care has improved. Maybe our hospitalists have recognized not to give certain agents after early recognition
October 2013

Clinical decision rules for PE equally accurate

Four clinical decision rules for diagnosing pulmonary embolism (PE) perform similarly when combined with D-dimer testing. ... This finding is significant because the simplified rules enable easier computation of scores during daily clinical care, the
June 2011

Hospital medicine matures

The increasing complexity of clinical care and health care systems was also adding to the challenges.“ There's a special skill set necessary for physicians in nursing homes,” said Paul Katz, ... the facility, but you're a person who has clinical
October 2012

Integrative medicine: Coming to a hospital near you

for Integrative Medicine, a group of 39 centers that supports integrating CAM into clinical care.“ We see more and more demand, and less tolerance among patients for those that don't ... Eisenberg said.“ Those are clinical communication skills that
April 2008

Hospital medicine around the world

Huddleston said. The track would include coursework in measurement, guidelines, clinical care development and model development. ... together the key players who are individually trying to improve hospital care in Brazil through the hospitalist model,”
July 2009

Maintain vigilance for MERS

The agency noted that limited clinical data for MERS patients are available, as most published clinical information is from critically ill patients. ... The virus does not appear to transmit easily from person to person unless there is close contact,
October 2015

A passion for quality improvement, right from the start

Do some introspection as a physician about what you really love to do on a daily basis, whether it is academics, teaching or clinical care, and do that. ... Future goals: We are really at a crossroads in health care delivery today.
December 2008

Technology connects geriatricians and hospitalists to nursing home staff

Program improves quality of clinical care for older patients in long-term care facilities. ... The issue: Improving quality of clinical care, including post-discharge transitions, for older patients in long-term care facilities.
July 2015

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