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Surgical comanagement done right

A clinical care partnership is easy. Figuring out the finances can be challenging,” said Dr. ... A lot of post-op care is very protocol-driven,” agreed Dr. Auerbach.
March 2009

Short version of Seattle Angina Questionnaire developed

Being able to document patients' views of their health status and track the course of their health is critical to achieving a more patient-centered health care system, the authors noted. ... The SAQ-7 “has the potential to improve the efficiency of
September 2014

Natriuretic peptide-guided therapy didn't reduce heart failure hospitalizations or mortality

They concluded that the biomarker-guided therapy was not more effective than usual care. ... Perhaps the most likely explanation for the outcomes observed in the GUIDE-IT trial is that when clinical care follows guidelines and addresses the key issues,
August 2017

With acute pancreatitis, time is of the essence

Acute pancreatitis is largely a clinical diagnosis, since other conditions have similar symptoms, said Patrick A. ... The harmless acute pancreatitis score: a clinical algorithm for rapid initial stratification of nonsevere disease.
January 2014

‘Digitally native’ learners and physician evaluation

To be fair, this is not without reason. It's impossible to provide high-quality care without a solid body of clinical knowledge and understanding of pathophysiology. ... It also reflects 2 realities that are apparent to most digitally native trainees:
March 2015

ACC, AHA release updated performance, quality measures for afib

only. The performance measures, classified under the domain of effective clinical care, were as follows:. ... Monthly international normalized ratio for warfarin treatment (outpatient). The quality measures were classified under the domains of effective
June 2016

Technology connects geriatricians and hospitalists to nursing home staff

Program improves quality of clinical care for older patients in long-term care facilities. ... The issue:Improving quality of clinical care, including post-discharge transitions, for older patients in long-term care facilities.
July 2015

Physician time a main driver of MOC costs, analysis indicates

on the costs of MOC and not the potential benefits, such as improvements in quality or efficiency of physician care. ... A rigorous evaluation of the program's effect on clinical and economic outcomes is warranted to better balance potential gains in the
July 2015

Recent Research

The study shows the need for price transparency in health care, according to an accompanying commentary, which said that U.S. ... pre-PCI model or involvement of home care or more rapid follow-up in patients identified by the post-PCI model.
November 2013

Clinical decision rules for PE equally accurate

Four clinical decision rules for diagnosing pulmonary embolism (PE) perform similarly when combined with D-dimer testing. ... This finding is significant because the simplified rules enable easier computation of scores during daily clinical care, the
June 2011

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