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Frailty Index appears to predict adverse outcomes in geriatric trauma patients

The Frailty Index appears to predict in-hospital complications and discharge disposition in geriatric trauma patients, a new study found. ... Frailty was prospectively measured in all trauma patients who were geriatric, defined as at least 65 years of age
June 2014

ACEing geriatric care

There are potential disadvantages to keeping all your geriatric expertise in one space-limited unit, agreed Dr. ... old.”. Of course, ACE units will also likely be an important component in future geriatric care.
February 2011

Comprehensive geriatric assessment improves survival in older adults, study finds

Comprehensive geriatric assessment of older adults appears to improve hospital survival, a new study indicates. ... Benefit seemed to be derived from geriatric units rather than from geriatric teams, the authors said.
November 2011

Post-hospital syndrome

She described a scene she used to routinely witness on geriatric units. ... Geriatric medicine has a deep and very substantial literature on this topic of hospital-acquired vulnerability and actually some ways of reducing those consequences,” Dr.
March 2013

Comprehensive geriatric unit improved outcomes in hip fracture patients

The geriatrics group had a higher mean score on the Short Physical Performance Battery (5.12 vs. ... After hospitalization, geriatric patients were more likely to be discharged to home (25% vs.
February 2015

Reviewing medications in elderly inpatients

A 2012 update of the American Geriatric Society's Beers Criteria for Potentially Inappropriate Medication Use in Older Adults is available online. ... geriatrics and palliative medicine at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York.
October 2012

Geriatric conditions may increase risk for heart failure hospitalization

Certain geriatric conditions in older persons with heart failure may be modifiable risk factors for hospital admission, according to a new study. ... The authors defined geriatric conditions as those that occur in older patients, typically have multiple
February 2013

Breaking the fall: Preventing fractures after discharge

The many causes of geriatric falls can seem overwhelming, leading physicians to suffer “possibility paralysis” and do nothing, said Ethan Cumbler, ACP Member, assistant professor of internal medicine and director of ... At Beth Israel Deaconess
January 2009

Inpatient exercise program reversed functional decline among hospitalized elderly

One Spanish hospital implemented a twice-daily individualized moderate-intensity program with resistance, balance, and walking exercises for patients ages 75 years and older.
November 2018

Dressed to kill

Some things are worth being late for, he thought to himself as he snagged the last parking spot in the nearest patients' lot, cutting off a less aggressive geriatric driver.
June 2011

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