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Hospitals with high readmission rates may be penalized largely because of patients they serve

Patients admitted to hospitals with more readmissions had higher chronic disease burden, less education, fewer assets, worse self-reported health status, more depressive symptoms, worse cognition, worse physical functioning, and more ... For example,
September 2015

Utility of the anemia index in investigating the ‘3S's' of anemia

Blood. 1997; 89:1052-7. [PMID: 9028338]. ,. 3 3. Weiss G, Goodnough LT.Anemia of chronic disease. ... 3. Weiss G, Goodnough LT.Anemia of chronic disease. N Engl J Med.
July 2015

Best practice advice says generics can improve adherence, save money

They found that most (although not all) studies examining the effect of generics versus brand-name drugs on adherence in chronic disease showed better long-term adherence with the former. ... Changing from brand-name to generic medication reduces patient
November 2015

Fight IBD flares without errors

That may be due to the youth of the patients compared to those with other chronic diseases, such as heart disease and liver disease, said lead author Dejan Micic, MD, a ... Comanagement is especially important at discharge, agreed Dr. Fain. “IBD
February 2018

Risk adjustment for more patient, population characteristics could reduce readmission penalties

Researchers assessed the impact of adjusting for hospitals' cumulative chronic disease burden; quantity of patients who were dual-eligible, disabled, or long-term nursing home residents; and other area-level socioeconomic ... The new characteristics for
September 2018

Hospitalist involvement needed to treat opioid epidemic

we're really not doing chronic disease management justice.”. ... Dr. Wakeman likened the epidemic of opioid addiction to HIV, another disease that was once given insufficient attention.
October 2017


69; 0.5 percentage points; P < 0.001), and a 41% increase in the adjusted risk of a CONSORT chronic opioid use episode (risk ratio with 95% CI, 1.08 to ... Compared to nonusers, gabapentinoid users had a higher prevalence of chronic disease, and they
May 2019

Care transitions, hypertension, and more

advice; had acute psychiatric illness or drug dependency; had an active diagnosis of cancer or sickle cell disease; or had recent or current access to this or another transition program. ... Overall, clinicians would be wise to adopt Sin City's famous
February 2019

The physician as patient

In short, a physician diagnosed with a disease is more aware of what the future holds. ... While I am not thankful for a chronic disease, or its complications—which I know all too well—I am truly thankful that my diagnosis has allowed me to
December 2010

In the News

The findings, published in the March 28 Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, revealed that there has been a shift in the type of kidney disease accounting for most hospitalizations, from chronic ... The study was conducted by the Chronic Disease
June 2008

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