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Mechanically ventilated ICU patients see no mortality benefit from arterial catheters

ICU patients on mechanical ventilation who had arterial catheters didn't have lower mortality rates than ventilated patients without arterial catheters, a new study found. ... ICUs from 2001 to 2008 to examine the association between arterial catheter (AC
September 2014

Is it time to end routine catheter replacement?

Rupp said. Recognize when catheters aren't needed.“ If a patient is not receiving IV meds and can maintain hydration status, they may not need a catheter,” Dr. ... Catheter-related bloodstream infections were rare at one per 5,907 (0.02%) catheters.
January 2013

Noninfectious catheter-associated complications as common as CAUTIs

Accidental catheter removal was more common among inpatients (70.2% vs.7.3%), as was catheter blockage (44.4% vs. ... On the whole, 30% of patients with long-term catheters and/or catheters in conjunction with spinal cord injury had several noninfectious
September 2013

Tracheal tubes, catheters, defibrillators recalled; lymphoma drug approved

removal of the original version of Neuron 6F 070 Delivery Catheter due to reports that the catheter could kink or ovalize in certain anatomical situations. ... between the SC catheter connector and the pump that may prevent them from completely
November 2009

Disruption of catheter dressings poses major risk for infections

Researchers identified 296 colonized catheters, 29 major catheter-related infections, and 23 catheter-related bloodstream infections. ... At the catheter level, the use of the subclavian insertion site was protective against dressing disruption, the
June 2012

Recalls for heart pumps, intrathecal catheters, dextroamphetamine sulfate

A class I recall of several Medtronic intrathecal catheters and intrathecal catheter revision kits used with the implanted Medtronic SyncroMed II, SynchroMed EL, and IsoMed infusion pumps. ... The pumps have potential misconnections of the Medtronic
December 2008

Adding catheter-directed thrombolysis to anticoagulants not helpful in DVT

There isn't an apparent advantage to adding catheter-directed thrombolysis (CDT) to anticoagulants in treating deep vein thrombosis (DVT), a new study found.
July 2014

Central catheters play big role in postoperative DVT

As such, DVT prevention efforts should include closer scrutiny of the need for central catheters, including limiting the duration of catheter use, they said. ... Physicians should also consider adding—or increasing the dosage of—anticoagulation when
August 2011

Catheter caps cut CLABSIs

But when a manufacturer contacted him about trying out a new catheter hub disinfection cap with a sponge saturated in 70% alcohol, he was interested.“ The actual design of a catheter ... After several months of monitoring, the new catheter caps,
April 2013

Reminders to remove urinary catheters help reduce infection risk

Reminders only reminded clinicians that a catheter was in place and should be removed if it was no longer needed; stop orders prompted clinicians to remove clinically inappropriate catheters by default ... Primary outcomes were development of
August 2010

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