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Hospitalist pay still has a gender gap, survey finds

Both genders ranked optimal workload first, but men chose substantial pay next, while women prioritized collegiality with physicians and control over personal time above pay. ... The observed differences in workload and other characteristics may account
July 2015

System catches codes before they're called

It can't be an additional form or any additional step. It has to seem like it's a normal part of their daily workload,” Ms.
March 2010

Stroke transfers, order volume

Electronic order volume may be significantly associated with patient complexity and could therefore represent a potential marker of resident physician workload, a recent study suggested. ... The study authors noted limitations, such as the many factors
January 2019

Four-day blocks match hospitalists' and patients' schedules

Nelson. β€œIt's a method to more closely match daily manpower to unpredictable workload,” he explained.
June 2012

In the News

The Institute of Medicine recommended that the workloads and schedules of medical residents be reduced in the interests of patient safety.
January 2009

Ideal patient-to-intensivist ratio varies in U.K. ICUs

The authors noted that they did not have any information about other potential members of the care teams who may have affected the intensivists' workload, that their results may not be ... generalizable outside the U.K., and that the PIR measure did not
February 2017

Get patients moving in, and out of, the hospital

When the team explained the new scale, the nurses weren't thrilled because of their existing documentation workload, Mr.
September 2016

Readmission risk prediction models

Kansagara said. They should also assess health system resources, as well as how staff workload may be affected by predictive models, to determine the feasibility of various models. ... Results showed that using an electronic tool that automatically
July 2014

You are a role model

Courtesy of Dr. Arora. The findings were mostly reassuring (for example, fewer than 3% of hospitalists report ever having discharged a patient early to reduce workload) but did provide some useful ... Q: What findings from the survey were most concerning?
October 2012


Each has its own secret sauce of measurement and scoring that affects the reputation of an institution and the workload of administrators.
December 2019

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