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You are a role model

Courtesy of Dr. Arora. The findings were mostly reassuring (for example, fewer than 3% of hospitalists report ever having discharged a patient early to reduce workload) but did provide some useful ... Q: What findings from the survey were most concerning?
October 2012

Readmission risk prediction models

Kansagara said. They should also assess health system resources, as well as how staff workload may be affected by predictive models, to determine the feasibility of various models. ... Results showed that using an electronic tool that automatically
July 2014

Top Docs

Although there was some resistance to the concept of a nonteaching service at first, hospitalists now embrace the change as a way of reducing workload for all medical teams and allowing
November 2015

In the News

These reasons often include an unpredictable and highly variable workload, costly night coverage, a high proportion of uninsured and underinsured patients, and an inefficient work flow due to ready access and
August 2009

Inhaler education, hospital mergers, and more

Geographic cohorting, which assigns a hospitalist to a single inpatient unit, may increase clinicians' interaction with patients but could also negatively affect workload, according to a recent observational study.
May 2020

The big and small of it

First, I believe we need to recognize that we share the problems of understaffing, dangerously high workloads (at times) and an emphasis on profit that pushes us to these levels.
April 2012

Letter from the Editor

Hospitalists are, of course, very concerned about salary, benefits and workload when seeking jobs.
January 2014

Letter from the Editor

This month's issue tackles gender equity and workload in academic medicine. ... Their male colleagues share the burden of the other challenge in our cover story package—workload.
June 2016

The hostile hospitalist

He was feeling irritable, crabby, and just a little bit nervous about the workload and lack of sleep.
January 2019

In the News

Both genders ranked optimal workload first, but men chose substantial pay next, while women prioritized collegiality with physicians and control over personal time above pay. ... The observed differences in workload and other characteristics may account
September 2015

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