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How does your handoff rate?

The interesting things that we found were more experienced interns were rated higher, and there was a correlation with parameters related to workload. ... Q: How did workload affect handoff quality? A: Those that were post-call and had the greatest
July 2013

In the News

Giving inpatients access to their electronic health records (EHRs) during hospitalization appeared to improve empowerment and did not seem to affect clinician or nurse workload, according to a small study. ... Surveys that evaluated caregiver workload,
June 2015

Higher electronic order volume may be associated with increased patient complexity

Electronic order volume may be significantly associated with patient complexity and could therefore represent a potential marker of resident physician workload, a recent study suggested. ... of other EHR-derived metrics that may represent workload, and
September 2018

Making room for more patients

The practice is a hit with patients, but hospital administrators and employees are often resistant to it, citing safety concerns and increased workload, said Frederick Blum, MD, immediate past president of
February 2007

Beating burnout

Ramsey said. They include unrealistic workload, loss of control, lack of appropriate rewards, loss of a sense of positive connection with others in the workplace, perceived lack of fairness, and conflict
June 2018

Letter from the Editor

Hospitalists are, of course, very concerned about salary, benefits and workload when seeking jobs.
January 2014

Predicting mortality

Should all hospitalists get 15 patients each, or do we vary the workload based on the acuity and severity of illness?” Dr.
July 2013

Recruitment improvement

As a result, flexible schedules, manageable workloads, and generous vacation time are important considerations for prospective employers. ... Farr. Some hospitalists are deterred by the prospect of a heavier workload in a setting where they do not have
February 2017

Prepare for Parkinson's disease patients

Chou said. They also can remind the nurses that a delay might impact both the patient and their own workloads, he said.
August 2019

Hospitals put out the welcome sign

The effects of relaxing visiting hours on clinicians' workload and practice patterns were initial concerns for hospitals that have made the change.
November 2014

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