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66%, P<0.001). In all areas except CHF, hospitals with hospitalists still scored significantly better after controlling for variables such as size, location and staffing availability. ... patients are at high risk for adverse events and sensitive to
October 2009

Balancing act: How ACGME work-hour limits are changing hospital medicine

But while the ruling has presented staffing challenges, patients have not suffered and hospitalists are in higher demand than ever on the job market. ... Comanagement of nonmedical patients—motivated in some cases by other specialties' work-hour
October 2007

Transitional care management yields benefit but is used rarely, study finds

Like any improvement on the standard of care, diffusion of TCM will require workflow changes, investments in health care information technology, and a potential expansion of clinician capacity or staffing,” the
August 2018

ICU schedule simulation finds increased continuity, time off with shared service

They noted that different scheduling models “have been an area of intense debate among hospitalists,” but that “there have not been other quantitative studies of the impact of staffing models on
April 2017

Corticosteroids for CAP, weekend effect, and more

The primary outcome was all-cause mortality for weekends versus weekdays. Subgroup analyses examined staffing levels, rates and times to procedures, and illness severity. ... In subgroup analyses, mortality rates were consistently higher for weekend
December 2017

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Reducing vital signs monitoring could reduce nurse staffing needs and save money, and/or enable reallocation of resources to increase monitoring of high-risk patients, they wrote.
October 2013

Getting patients on the move in the ICU

We don't have the staffing to do it universally,” said Dr.
April 2011

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Lead author Kenneth Epstein, ACP Member, noted that future studies should focus on better defining fragmentation of care and determining the potential impact of different staffing models on this variable, as
May 2008

Getting rid of unnecessary alarms

Most of the monitoring that's occurring right now is occurring actually outside ICU settings, where the staffing ratios are 1-to-5 and 1-to-6 patients,” Ms.
February 2015

Digital tools help patients find their way

Knowing peak traffic times in key areas, such as the cafeteria, and where people congregate also helps us with staffing appropriately and locating additional services, like wheelchairs or parking attendants.”.
May 2017

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