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Risk prediction

They added that the model should not be used to prioritize patients for admission to the ICU or to limit care delivery. ... Future work will evaluate the implementation of a clinical workflow,” they wrote, adding that the first use they plan to
February 2020

Telemedicine, from both sides now

Actually, most of the care that's delivered is never with the patient,” said Dr. ... Of course, not everyone has fully bought in to telemedicine. Earlier this year, news outlets ran a story about a palliative care physician who had explained, over
August 2019

Journal watch: Recent studies of note

Patients were followed for the passage of stools and for ICU-acquired bacterial infections until ICU discharge, death, or a decision to move to palliative care. ... Overall, these study results may help to identify ventilation patients at high risk for
April 2011

Too many or too few: Who belongs in the ICU?

deal with putting or keeping them on the ward and involving a palliative care team in a drawn-out process,” said Neil Halpern, MD, FACP, chief of critical care at Memorial ... We added intermediate care beds and used our ICU more for life support.”.
February 2013

The emotional life of doctors

Ofri examines the emotional reactions of physicians to their work and how these can affect patient care. ... I recall a time on the wards when we needed to discuss with a patient that her cancer was not curable and that it was time to shift toward
November 2013

Assisted suicide

and Palliative Care at the University of Rochester Medical Center. ... They are very used to having choices,” he said. “I think many of them are going to say, ‘I want access to this in addition to excellent palliative care.’”.
September 2010

Cases from The Ohio State University

Treatment was started with pulse-dose dexamethasone and weekly rituximab. Despite treatment, her respiratory and neurologic status continued to deteriorate, and her family made the decision to transition to palliative care. ... Upon admission to the
January 2016

Antibiotics may carry more cost than benefit for patients at end of life

Some may want both palliative care and antibiotics. The only way to know is to ask. ... Antimicrobial use for symptom management in patients receiving hospice and palliative care: a systematic review.
February 2016

Caring for prisoners

At Christiana Care, palliative care specialists coordinate with the prison warden and medical director about medication dosing and other issues before discharging to a prisoner to hospice, said ACP Member Roshni ... Guerry, MD, inpatient medical director
October 2017

When physician becomes patient

I had even thought about becoming a palliative care physician, so when he got sick, one of my first thoughts was I'm so glad we already have a language to ... I think it sort of taught me something about what quality in health care means.”.
June 2017

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