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Dressed to kill

He wiped the crust from his REM-deprived, bloodshot eyes. He'd steeled himself for this, with years of training and a well balanced diet.
June 2011

MKSAP quiz on beta-blockers

Serum electrolyte levels and kidney function tests are normal. In addition to a low-sodium diet, which of the following is the most appropriate management?
April 2017

Warnings on overfilled cartridges, counterfeit Adderall

A recall of Baxa Corporation's Abacus total parenteral nutrition calculation software due to a potential for dosing errors. ... Errors have been reported by users ordering salt-based parenteral nutrition ingredients on an ion-based ordering template, a
August 2012

Label changes for ondansetron and cefepime

All received a reduced-calorie diet and exercise counseling. Compared with placebo, treatment for up to one year was associated with average weight loss of 3% to 3.7%.
September 2012

New global definition for malnutrition

J Acad Nutr Diet. 2012;112:730-8. [PMID: 22709779]. ). This definition has become widely accepted in the nutrition community, but unfortunately, the ASPEN criteria have some inconsistencies, operational deficiencies, and ... GLIM criteria for the
November 2018

MKSAP quiz on acute kidney injury

In developing countries, enteric pathogen infections usually develop after ingesting contaminated food or water. ... His lower blood pressure in the hospital may be the result of his infection, better adherence to medications, and/or diet.
October 2013

Top Docs

Standardized templates for the handoff sheet and progress notes include information such as code and nutrition status, VTE prophylaxis and plans for discharge.
November 2010

New antiviral, antibiotic approved

A new form of liraglutide (Saxenda) for chronic weight management, in addition to a reduced-calorie diet and physical activity.
March 2015

Day of the undead: The zombie intern

Food-wise, I actually prefer the aquatic life force, so a sushi bar with really fresh fish usually takes care of things.
November 2010

We are helpers more than healers

The only visible evidence was a slight tremor of her left hand that became especially noticeable when she would take a sip from her bottle of Diet Coke; I might have
August 2014

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