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Findings of an updated systematic review and meta-analysis suggest that all hospitalized patients should be screened with a validated nutrition-screening tool, and those at risk should receive individualized nutrition ... The findings “suggest that all
November 2019

Social determinants

Additional focus areas included employment (28 programs, $1.1 billion), education (14 programs, $476.4 million), food security (25 programs, $294.2 million), social and community context (13 programs, $253.1 ... food. It found that health systems often
February 2020

Nutrition, glycemic control, and more

Summaries from ACP Hospitalist Weekly. Individualized nutritional support appeared to improve survival and other clinical outcomes in at-risk medical inpatients versus standard hospital food, according to a recent study. ... Patients in the control group
November 2019

Program for advanced recovery after surgery associated with shorter stays, better outcomes

The program for patients undergoing colorectal resection or hip fracture repair focused on optimizing nutrition, mobility, pain management, and patient engagement. ... The ERAS program focused on optimizing nutrition, mobility, pain management, and
May 2017


The goal of the institution was to provide a clean bed, medical and nursing care, and nutrition in a facility with a well-developed set of regulations for administration, supply chain ... They were also given an allotment of money daily (a nomisma, as in
July 2017

Journal Watch: Recent studies of note

Nutrition therapy provided by ICUs often fails to meet guideline recommendations in a number of areas, a study found. ... Some of the ICUs were significantly more successful at adhering to the guidelines (one site provided nutrition for 100% of patient
May 2010

Seeking agreement on SDOH screening

Changes in diet, exercise or activity, or other specific types of follow-up. ... solutions like food Rx programs in food deserts or transportation where there isn't any?” she asked.
March 2020

Post-hospital syndrome

Krumholz. “What if we really did start to monitor how much sleep people got and how good their nutrition was and got them ambulating as soon as possible and we tried ... Hospitalists and the members of the health care team should encourage and
March 2013

Early tube feeding didn't reduce infections, mortality in severe pancreatitis

They were randomly assigned to nasoenteric tube feeding within 24 hours (early) or an oral diet initiated 72 hours after presentation with tube feeding only if the oral diet was not ... However, if tube feeding were restricted to severe pancreatitis
November 2014

Shortage of TB skin tests until at least end of May

Tubersol, one of two purified-protein derivative (PPD) tuberculin products licensed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), is in shortage nationwide until at least the end of May, the Centers
April 2013

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