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Japanese physicians still treating tsunami victims

I thought the city officials did a wonderful job in bringing them together, organizing them into subgroups and sending these subgroups out to cover evacuation sites, nursing homes and other places ... Residents who return to their homes in South Soma may
September 2011

Perfecting post-acute care

We have historically done a poor job of understanding the differential outcomes at various nursing homes,” said Dr. ... The nursing homes patients currently go to are not the always the highest financially efficient ones, but that's likely to change
April 2016

In the News

In 2007, it found that busy EDs at safety net hospitals are attempting to solve overcrowding for nonurgent care by helping patients establish “medical homes,” increasing referrals to clinics, assisting patients ... The likelihood of transfer to rehab
July 2008

Hip fractures among nursing home residents often lead to death, functional decline

The retrospective cohort study included more than 60,000 Medicare beneficiaries who were living in nursing homes when they were hospitalized for hip fracture between 2005 and 2009. ... Specialized inpatient geriatric fracture programs may also be helpful
July 2014

Journal watch: Recent studies of note

from nursing homes with advanced cognitive impairment, a study found. ... wishes and reflects a clear discussion of risks and benefits, which often doesn't occur in nursing homes, the authors noted.
July 2010

Recent Research

older age (OR, 1.03),. nursing home residence (OR, 1.8),. history of heart failure (OR, 4.3),. ... However, they concluded that patients with CAP—especially older patients, those who live in nursing homes, and those with preexisting cardiovascular
May 2012

How to handle biased patients

Nurses in nursing homes and hospitals have sued for this kind of discrimination, Dr. ... We shouldn't have to.”. Dr. Hayes recalled giving a talk in 2018 to about 50 chief medical officers and chief nursing officers about patient bias and misconduct.
June 2020

An order not to hospitalize

This result indicates that advance directives are underutilized among older adults in New York State nursing homes, even though federal law has further required that people (or a surrogate if the ... person is incapacitated) be advised of their right to
August 2017

Translating ‘two midnights'

wait 3 midnights and transition to a nursing home, and Medicare will be on the hook,” said Dr. ... homes,” said ACP Member Lauren Doctoroff, MD, a hospitalist at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston.
December 2013

The rise of the neurohospitalist

Dr. Lennihan, working with a team of nurse practitioners, oversees care of the critically ill patients and prepares them for post-acute rehabilitation, usually at rehabilitation hospitals or nursing homes.
June 2010

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