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Patient and physician hygiene go hand in hand

However, when we stepped back from our own research, we realized that patients, when they are in hospitals and other similar health care settings, such as postacute care facilities or nursing ... homes, they are not able to care for themselves.
July 2019

Top Docs

Dr. Ephrem is now expanding the program to nursing homes in the region. ... I expect we can decrease those types of readmissions by 5 to 6% by having outreach to the nursing homes.”.
November 2011

A new cause to consider in falls: Infection

Everything that was in the literature, which is a scant amount, had to do primarily with patients with dementia in nursing homes who had UTIs and fell. ... institution like long-term care facilities or nursing homes.
May 2016

In the News

In 2007, it found that busy EDs at safety net hospitals are attempting to solve overcrowding for nonurgent care by helping patients establish “medical homes,” increasing referrals to clinics, assisting patients ... The likelihood of transfer to rehab
July 2008

Journal watch: Recent studies of note

from nursing homes with advanced cognitive impairment, a study found. ... wishes and reflects a clear discussion of risks and benefits, which often doesn't occur in nursing homes, the authors noted.
July 2010

Recent Research

in surgical patients, and evaluate whether early discharge to rehabilitation centers or nursing homes is associated with a worse outcome,” the authors wrote.
May 2015

Differentiating disorders of consciousness

Studies have shown between 20% and 40% of people in nursing homes diagnosed as vegetative were actually MCS,” Dr.
May 2015

Take time to ease the pain of elderly patients

There's very little diversion going on with 85-year-olds in a nursing home,” noted Dr. ... Gloth, who said that regulatory obstacles present a challenge to prescribing opioids, especially in nursing homes.
September 2013

From a warm welcome to a follow-up appointment

I chose this floor where all the patients are elderly patients going to the nursing homes and patients who need a lot of pain medications,” Dr. ... That educational effort is followed up by nursing staff. “The nurses go back in the afternoon and ask
September 2012

Facing feeding tubes

One analysis, published in 2004, found that nursing homes can have a potential financial incentive to rely on tube feeding. ... Fewer tubes are being placed, according to a JAMA study looking at nursing home patients with advanced dementia.
February 2019

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