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Dr. Ephrem is now expanding the program to nursing homes in the region. ... I expect we can decrease those types of readmissions by 5 to 6% by having outreach to the nursing homes.”.
November 2011

A new cause to consider in falls: Infection

Everything that was in the literature, which is a scant amount, had to do primarily with patients with dementia in nursing homes who had UTIs and fell. ... institution like long-term care facilities or nursing homes.
May 2016

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BIDMC's nursing and rehabilitation clinicians, however, haven't hesitated to show their appreciation for Dr. ... Realizing that “we needed a better mechanism to get patients to specific nursing homes,” he now hires nurses and social workers as care
November 2012

Journal watch: Recent studies of note

from nursing homes with advanced cognitive impairment, a study found. ... wishes and reflects a clear discussion of risks and benefits, which often doesn't occur in nursing homes, the authors noted.
July 2010

Observation care rate rises, inpatient rate drops, for Medicare patients

Doing so can expose patients to greater out-of-pocket expenses if they are eventually admitted to nursing homes, because they haven't hit the three-day inpatient stay requirement for ... Medicare coverage of nursing homes, the authors noted.
June 2012

From a warm welcome to a follow-up appointment

I chose this floor where all the patients are elderly patients going to the nursing homes and patients who need a lot of pain medications,” Dr. ... That educational effort is followed up by nursing staff. “The nurses go back in the afternoon and ask
September 2012

Differentiating disorders of consciousness

Studies have shown between 20% and 40% of people in nursing homes diagnosed as vegetative were actually MCS,” Dr.
May 2015

Making room for more patients

When Ms. Prahl of Shore Health realized that the admission policies of her community's nursing homes were prolonging hospital stays, she had a talk with them. ... Prahl said. “Some of these homes wouldn't take patients after 1 p.m., or on weekends.
February 2007

It takes a community

Akron, Ohio-based Summa Health System seeks to improve care for seniors through collaborations between hospitals and nursing homes, while the Colorado Foundation for Medical Care uses transition coaches for hospitalized ... Otherwise you are just a
May 2010

Creative solutions to difficult discharges

Mehler. For example, the hospital had a patient who sustained a serious injury in an accident and required nursing home care. ... Mehler. Other solutions have involved contacting the consulate of a foreign patient's home country, assisting families with
May 2011

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