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Not all caregivers are interpreters

cases, to understand hospital discharge instructions, that creates the potential for medical errors and adverse events to happen upon leaving the hospital. ... a language other than English and in which language do they prefer to receive their medical
November 2019

The emotional life of doctors

One thing I often do with my team is to talk, up front, about all the medical errors I have made. ... Most of us think of medical errors as rare and horrible, so usually they are surprised to hear all their attending's blunders.
November 2013

Extensivists and near miss programs: Readers respond to December issue

To date hundreds of reports have been filed by health care workers across the state and thousands of workers have been trained about the anatomy of medical errors, the effect of ... Hospitals that do not feature many safety systems tend to rely on human
February 2012

In the News

prevented. Patients who were treated at hospitals rated as “top performing” were 43% less likely to experience medical errors than were patients treated at the poorest-performing hospitals. ... The most common medical errors (63.4% of all incidents)
June 2008

Peer support after stressful events

Where: Johns Hopkins Hospital, a 1,194-bed hospital in Baltimore. The issue: Supporting clinicians after stressful medical events. ... In 2001, a series of medical errors at Johns Hopkins Hospital led to the dehydration and death of Josie King, an
October 2017

How long is too long in the hospital (for docs)?

For instance, residents who regularly work 24-hour shifts make 36% more serious medical errors than those whose work is limited to 16 hours and double their risk of an accident ... al. Effect of reducing interns' work hours on serious medical errors in
April 2017

Watching residents

At Dr. Finn's program in Boston, researchers put 22 faculty members to the test, assessing the impact of more direct attending supervision on the rate of medical errors and on ... More attending supervision during rounds did not significantly reduce the
December 2018

Inpatient ART errors can cause long-term problems for HIV patients

Ironically, systems that should be reducing medical errors may be responsible for also causing some errors, said Dr. ... Impact of an electronic medical record on the incidence of antiretroviral prescription errors and HIV pharmacist reconciliation on
April 2015

Speaking up for patient safety

Hospitalists can help create a blame-free atmosphere of openness when it comes to discussing errors in patient care. ... Despite years of studies and related discussions about medical errors, the willingness of hospital clinicians to raise patient safety
March 2014

Owning your medical mistakes

My mentor, friend and fellow Grady doctor, Neil W., has expertise in medical errors. ... Wachter in that article—the more I knew that my approach to processing medical mishaps needed to be revised.
November 2010

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