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Coping with copy-paste

medical students on the general medicine service at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). ... In that study, it was a small contributor to medical errors, but I suspect we copy and paste more than we did when that study was published.
September 2017

A different kind of competency

The other end of the spectrum is that this is the most important thing because this is all about communication and communication is what impacts medical errors, satisfaction, quality and adherence.”. ... Medical schools, at least, appear to have been
March 2008

Good catch!

Bhagra. “Someone speaking up is simply a double check to prevent errors, complications and potential liability in the future. ... The program's educational team continues to reach out to health care workers so they can learn about medical errors, as
December 2011

In the News

Although care bundles, standards, and protocols are all the rage today to improve patient care and outcomes and to avoid medical errors, the results of this study suggest that in their
November 2016

Not all doctors fully disclose errors, pharma ties, bad prognoses, survey finds

A significant proportion of physicians do not completely agree that they should disclose serious medical errors or financial relationships with drug and device companies to patients, according to a recent survey. ... General surgeons and pediatricians
February 2012

Groundhog shift

She suggested none too kindly that I get my medical rear in gear. ... Blood mismatch, acute transfusion reaction. So it would be. Again and again, I tried to steer the old coot through the hospitalization, only to be stymied by medical errors, my own
February 2012

Letter from the Editor

Medical errors have always been a topic of concern in the health care industry, but the quality improvement movement got a boost nine years ago, when the Institute of Healthcare Improvement ... published its seminal report, “To Err Is Human.” Since
April 2008

New rules for diagnosis

Dr. Olson, an assistant professor of medicine at the University of Minnesota Medical School in Minneapolis. ... learned from medical errors.
January 2019

Hospitalist doesn't hold back on blog about rural medicine

While most doctors will happily discuss issues affecting professional compensation—declining reimbursement, medical school debt or malpractice insurance—Dr. ... There's a lot of talk out there about the need for greater transparency in the way
September 2008

Letter from the Editor

In other coverage of the Internal Medicine 2014 meeting, we discuss how to handle medical errors, from apologizing to patients to ensuring a meaningful institutional response to dealing with legal ramifications.
June 2014

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