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Work hours, cardiac rehab, and more

The study's primary outcome was serious medical errors, as assessed by intensive surveillance that included direct observation and chart review. ... The researchers concluded that residents on ICU rotations in their study were more likely to make serious
October 2020

High ICU utilization for 4 common conditions may drive up costs without improving mortality, study finds

Although care bundles, standards, and protocols are all the rage today to improve patient care and outcomes and to avoid medical errors, the results of this study suggest that in their
August 2016

Improving Indian Health Service hospitals

IHS also has pledged to expand existing safety reporting systems and promote a culture of transparency and patient safety in which hospital staff feel comfortable reporting medical errors. ... program that provided detailed instructions for patients, a
April 2017

Care management, attending supervision, and more

Researchers examined the rate of medical errors, the primary safety outcome, in 1,259 patients (5,772 patient-days). ... An accompanying editorial echoed these limitations, calling for more research on the effects of supervision on medical errors and on
September 2018

Internists release policy paper on medical liability crisis

Patients harmed by medical negligence also suffer under the existing medical liability system.”. ... continued focus on patient safety and prevention of medical errors,. passage of a comprehensive tort reform package, including caps on noneconomic
April 2014

In the News

A handoff improvement program successfully reduced medical errors and preventable adverse events without slowing workflow, according to a study conducted at 9 pediatric hospitals. ... To measure its effectiveness, researchers compared adverse events,
February 2015

July change in physician trainees increases mortality, lowers efficiency

Researchers reviewed 39 studies to determine the effect of the annual changeovers on patient outcomes including mortality, morbidity, medical errors and efficiency. ... Medical Education's accreditation standards, but “require political will and
July 2011

Facing change together

Rarely do major disruptions happen suddenly in health care delivery. One example of this type of event is the introduction of the electronic medical record (EMR), which made sweeping changes to ... I once saw an orthopedic surgeon point in the face of a
July 2020

Inpatient medication: Too much information, or not enough?

Such patients may be able to catch potential medication errors—a significant cause of in-hospital medical mistakes, he noted. ... Don't explicitly talk about medical errors when you tell patients about medications, Dr.
March 2010

CMS quality demo pays dividends for hospitals, but not always financially

The dean of the medical school has mandated 100% compliance with the HQID measures, said Dr. ... Because complications and medical errors are strongly associated with the high cost of care, readmissions, mortality and disability, P4P programs should
September 2007

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