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Letters to the Editor

Sometimes we get so drowned in trying to “fix” the patient that we begin to chase shadows and forget the simple reason for their visit in the first place—in this ... case, a simple cut to the cheek.
November 2015

New IM residency gains foothold in Nepal

The mission of Patan Hospital is to provide quality, compassionate health care to everyone who comes to the hospital, regardless of their ability to pay,” he said. ... In addition, writing will be a crucial skill for the new internal medicine residents,
April 2018

Catch them if you can

They are not only costly to the health care system but can hurt other patients. ... They used to publish letters to the editor, even in the Journal of the American Medical Association, the New England Journal of Medicine, Annals of Internal
September 2012

Letter to the Editor

importance of reviewing notes to make sure the final product is accurate, I believe she omitted two important points. ... In doing so, case managers rely on the progress notes to “tell the story” of why the patient remains in the hospital.
May 2013

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor Readers respond to CAM, alternative scheduling. In response to the question raised in April's “Integrative medicine: Coming to a hospital near you”, yes, CAM (complementary and ... This model would be fine providing:. 1. The
July 2008

Letter to the Editor

We also offer consultations to other subspecialties when requested. We are striving to promote the hospital medicine concept here and are aiming to achieve standards of excellence in patient care and ... How would that impact my practice?” We have been
December 2009

Letter to the editor

The described patient clearly has a septic shock picture probably due to a urinary tract infection. ... The term urosepsis is too nonspecific and, unless modified, will result in the hospital receiving an inappropriately low level of reimbursement for
March 2009

Letter to the Editor

A reader debates “The Hospital of the Future.”. I am writing in regards to your recent article “The Hospital of the Future “ (ACP Hospitalist, August 2011). ... The nurse is in and out of each room at least eight times per shift.
October 2011

Letter to the Editor

Weisinger only admits paying patients? Does the hospital have a group of doctors that is paid to see uninsured patients? ... Does he have an arrangement with another group to see the uninsured patients?
November 2008

Shorter physician work week reflects changes in activities

In our clinic of nine physicians, every single one of us has had to cut patient contact hours to serve as our own transcriptionists and data entry personnel for the insurance ... I am sure that this is a net savings for the system, which is then able to
April 2010

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