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Letter from the Editor

Some of this issue's topics include the role of localized fungi in pneumonia, identification and treatment of acute gout, and fluid management in sepsis. ... Gout is not always identified properly in the hospital setting, either, experts say.
April 2012

Cases from Maine Medical Center

Treating acute gouty arthritis in patients with advanced CKD is challenging, since first-line agents such as colchicine and NSAIDs are contraindicated. ... While less common than recurrent acute gouty arthritis, tophus formation can be the first
November 2015

Letter from the Editor

On the clinical side, this issue includes a variety of case studies—a group Brief Case from Maine Medical Center along with an individual gout case from the section's deputy
November 2015

Know your tests to evaluate rheumatic diseases

There's really not much reason to get a serum urate when evaluating a patient who has acute arthritis, thinking that that will help you say it's gout or not ... gout.”. He outlined what he called a “1-drop” approach to evaluating synovial fluid for
June 2015

New anticoagulant and oral MS drug approved

An order to stop manufacturing issued to companies producing and distributing unapproved single-ingredient oral colchicine, used for the treatment of gout.
December 2010

Some additions for your med list vocabulary

Hospitalists who work on infusion units are particularly likely to encounter new therapies for rheumatoid arthritis and chronic gout. ... Li noted) are particularly likely to encounter new therapies for rheumatoid arthritis and chronic gout.
July 2011

MKSAP quiz on HIV

Other clinical features include cervical lymphadenopathy and an oligoarticular or polyarticular inflammatory arthritis. ... Patients with HIV infection may develop severe variants of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.
April 2015

Contrast-induced acute kidney injury

Experts offer advice on managing the third leading cause of hospital-acquired acute renal failure. ... McCullough PA. Contrast-induced acute kidney injury. J Am Coll Cardiol. 2008;51:1419-28.
December 2014

Warning about contrast agents, review underway on Stalevo

Three of the GBCAs (Magnevist, Omniscan, and Optimark) will be described as inappropriate for use among patients with acute kidney injury or chronic severe kidney disease. ... Pegloticase (Krystexxa) to treat gout in adults who do not respond to or who
November 2010

FDA Update

Febuxostat (Ulloric), a prescription drug for gout, in 40-mg and 80-mg doses.
April 2009

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