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Say no to antipsychotics and bed alarms for older patients

In contrast, she recommends clinicians increase their use of the Clinical Frailty Scale. ... It scores patients from 1 to 9 and has been shown to be a valuable tool in assessing and addressing frailty, Dr.
July 2017

No association between appropriate antibiotics and survival of elderly CAUTI patients

That may be due to the old age and frailty of these patients or the difficulty of distinguishing between symptomatic UTI and febrile illness from a non-urinary source of infection
August 2017


Researchers conducted a secondary analysis of the Effect of Early Nutritional Support on Frailty, Functional Outcomes, and Recovery of Malnourished Medical Inpatients Trial (EFFORT).
March 2020

Surviving Sepsis Campaign adopts Sepsis-3 definition

In May 2012, you described it as “complete inability to move due to a severe disability or frailty caused by another medical condition without physical injury or damage to the brain
April 2017

Recent Research

Frailty was defined as weight loss, fatigue, and weakness or a state of vulnerability arising from biological, cognitive and social factors. ... Researchers noted the advantages and disadvantages of simple screening tools in the context of frailty.
April 2014

Failing at heart failure treatment

Fonarow. The Australian program found another answer: instituting a multidisciplinary team that, among other tasks, addresses any issues that might prevent patients from getting follow-up, such as frailty or transportation
August 2010

Heartening news about cardiac surgery in the elderly

Zieman said. “However, certain conditions predict poor outcome, such as bad renal function, lung disease, prior history of strokes, and poor functional status [frailty].”.
February 2009

Patient safety

An accompanying editorial, by a geriatrician, said that sitters are one of her “backbone recommendations” for older inpatients with frailty or cognitive issues.
February 2020

Journal watch: Recent studies of note

Frailty was measured by deficiency in at least one of these measures: the Katz Index of Independence in Activities of Daily Living (ADL), independence of ambulation, and previous diagnosis of dementia. ... 4.5%; P<0.0001); by logistic regression analysis,
August 2010

Antibiotics may carry more cost than benefit for patients at end of life

The POLST form is intended for patients who have a serious illness or frailty and whom a health care professional would not be surprised to see die within a year.
February 2016

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