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Caring for cancer patients

Pfeifer.“ Too often hospitalists have been afraid to even broach the subject of anticoagulation if the patient has had surgery because we're afraid the surgeon won't want to do
February 2013

Additional heart rhythm monitoring may help detect afib after cryptogenic stroke

Fifty-two of 280 patients (18.6%) in the intervention group had been prescribed anticoagulant therapy by 90 days versus 31 of 279 patients (11.1%) in the control group (absolute ... from antiplatelet therapy to anticoagulants.“ At the least, patients
July 2014

Continuing warfarin safer than bridging before catheter ablation

They noted that the newer oral anticoagulants were not assessed in this trial and called for future research to compare the new drugs to warfarin, particularly in patients with nonparoxysmal atrial
April 2014

Letter from the Editor

On the clinical side, other experts advise hospitalists to take an active role in making sure atrial fibrillation patients taking anticoagulants and/or aspirin are treated according to evidence and guidelines. ... acph-201610-mksap-anticoagulation. This
October 2016

Think before you stick

Outcomes), but physicians had generally assumed that the association resulted from patients being treated with anticoagulants or undergoing invasive procedures. ... In perioperative settings, review the use and necessity of medications that can cause
January 2012

VTE update covers new drugs, recommendations

You monitor it the same way, but it has great predictability for management, so those of you who run anticoagulation clinics, you might still be in business,” he said. ... Whichever anticoagulant a physician chooses, eventually a decision will have to
July 2010

Patients with superficial vein thrombosis may also have DVT

Over three months of follow-up, 10% of the remaining patients developed thromboembolic complications, even though 90% of them received anticoagulants. ... They also called for more research into the benefits and risks of using systemic anticoagulant
February 2010

Table 8-2 Recommendations for Duration of Anticoagulation Condition

Table 1. Risk factors for venous thromboembolism. Acquired Inherited. Age >50 Factor V Leiden Surgery Prothrombin gene mutation (G20210A) Trauma Antithrombin deficiency Immobility Protein C deficiency Cancer Protein S deficiency Estrogens,
January 2017

Test yourself: Sepsis

Activated protein C has anticoagulant properties, and evidence of active bleeding is a contraindication to its use in patients with sepsis. ... Although activated protein C is an anticoagulant, when administered to patients with a platelet count between
January 2011

Measure of the month: coronary artery disease

DVT prophylaxis in stroke,. antiplatelets in stroke,. anticoagulant in stroke with atrial fibrillation,.
November 2008

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