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Researchers in Spain performed a prospective multicenter study of patients hospitalized with CAP to determine the usefulness of cardiac and inflammatory biomarkers in assessing early or long-term risk for a ... The researchers noted that individual
August 2019

Mindfulness intervention may improve inpatients' pain, related outcomes

Researchers found that a single, scripted session of mindfulness training focused on acceptance of pain or hypnotic suggestion focused on changing pain sensations through imagery reduced acute pain intensity. ... Researchers examined two points. First,
July 2017

Sepsis cultures, resuscitation score, and more

At seven EDs in the U.S. and Canada, researchers obtained blood cultures in patients who presented with severe manifestations of sepsis. ... researchers with adjusting for severity of illness in clinical studies,” the authors wrote.
April 2020

Dilemmas in diabetes

Based on existing patterns, the researchers projected that this access situation would stay the same or worsen over the next decade as more people are diagnosed with diabetes and other endocrine
December 2019

Migraine may be linked to perioperative stroke, hospital readmission

The researchers calculated a predicted absolute risk of 2.4 perioperative ischemic strokes for every 1,000 surgical patients overall, 3.9 for every 1,000 patients with migraine but no ... Researchers performed a prospective hospital registry study at
January 2017


After a systematic review of the literature, researchers conducted a meta-analysis to compare the rate of symptomatic intracerebral hemorrhage in patients pretreated with a DOAC versus stroke patients without prior
January 2020

Public reporting did not affect mortality rates for Medicare patients

Researchers compared mortality rates in Medicare patients hospitalized with myocardial infarction, congestive heart failure, or pneumonia before and after the statistics were publicly reported. ... Researchers compared Medicare patients with these
June 2016

Keeping track of mistakes that don't happen

The researchers behind the project are looking for reports on everything from incorrect drug orders to sending the wrong patient for a scan—any kind of error that is caught before
April 2008

Acute exacerbations of COPD associated with risk for acute cardiovascular event

Researchers performed a case-series analysis of data from patients in three U.S. ... Our findings should encourage researchers to elucidate the mechanisms linking [acute exacerbation of COPD] to the development of cardiovascular events,” the authors
June 2018

Delays in ICU transfer increase mortality, LOS, but early warning score may help, study finds

Researchers retrospectively applied the previously published electronic Cardiac Arrest Risk Triage (eCART) score, which utilizes demographics, vital signs, and laboratory data as an objective measure of critical illness. ... To define a ward patient as
July 2016

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