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Solo chlorhexidine not as efficacious as many believe, researchers say

The researchers became concerned when they noticed that several clinical study and review authors had concluded chlorhexidine was superior to povidone-iodine, though the studies/reviews themselves had pitted a combination ... While the researchers found
May 2014

Researcher aims to assess beta-blocker use in patients with pacemakers

Researcher aims to assess beta-blocker use in patients with pacemakers.
August 2008

Dabigatran risks may be greater than people realize, researchers say

The potential risks of dabigatran are not appreciated, particularly where the elderly are concerned, according to a letter written by researchers who tracked bleeding events in patients who took the drug. ... The audit shows that it's difficult to
March 2012

Public health researchers look at rise in marijuana-related hospitalizations

The researchers defined “marijuana-related” as any ED visit where use of marijuana was implicated either as a direct cause or contributing factor of the visit, Dr.
January 2016

COPD education, gender of leaders, and more

Researchers in London designed an educational video as an adjunct to care for patients who were hospitalized for COPD exacerbations. ... Researchers used data from patients hospitalized in a cohort of 890 U.S.
August 2020

Hospital variation

But researchers recently uncovered another, more disturbing factor associated with whether patients survive—what ICU treats them.
August 2020

Pneumonia therapies, hospital flu spread, and more

The researchers also looked at other outcomes, including functional capacity and adverse events. ... Researchers in the United Kingdom created a frailty index using data from 27 laboratory values routinely assessed within 72 hours of hospital admission.
August 2020

In the News

The audit shows that it's difficult to translate trial data into clinical practice, and it's important to conduct postmarketing surveillance and adverse-event reporting, the researchers noted. ... Dutch researchers performed a case-control study in nine
June 2012

In the News

Australian researchers conducted a prospective, population-based, active surveillance study of iGAS infections in the state of Victoria from March 2002 through August 2004. ... The program has led to a decrease in nebulizer rates of more than 50% on a
October 2014

Heart failure

Researchers used a commercial insurance database to conduct a retrospective, observational study of 17,106 patients with heart failure with reduced ejection fraction who had a heart failure-related hospitalization in
August 2020

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