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Heart failure risk score, step-down therapy

The primary outcome was adherence to recommendations on managing ICU delirium from the American College of Critical Care Medicine's 2013 clinical practice guidelines. ... Results were published by Critical Care Medicine on Jan. 2 and appeared in the
July 2019

Patients with hematologic malignancy, multiorgan failure appear to benefit from ICU care

The study results were published online by Critical Care Medicine on Oct. ... 17. The study included 1,097 patients with clinically confirmed hematologic malignancy who were admitted to the ICU for acute care or for a surgical indication.
October 2018

Under pressure

Critical care patients are at particular risk, as they are often automatically put to bed with their heads elevated. ... I think, as care providers, we need to be aghast at the number of ulcers from medical devices.
February 2012

Value of qSOFA score for predicting inpatient mortality judged by two recent studies

The second study, also published online by Critical Care Medicine on Aug. ... The predictive value of the trajectory of qSOFA scores could help guide care, they noted.
August 2018

Think outside the ICU, physician leader urges

Given these realities, how should we define and measure our critical care competencies?” Dr. ... Farmer noted. “Critical care must work across boundaries,” he said. “This is our inflection point.”.
March 2014

No improvement in inpatient mortality associated with increase in emergency calls

Results were published by Critical Care Medicine on March 29. In the first study, patients' median age was 61 years, 57.2% were men, and 0.70% died.
April 2018

Agreeing on an ending

Luce, who authored a piece in the August Critical Care Medicine that outlined the history of resolving end-of-life conflicts. ... care. However, a lot of such conflicts, Dr. Luce believes, likely never get as far as a courtroom.
November 2010

Continuing statins in severe sepsis may improve mortality

Results were published in the April 1 American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.
May 2013

NEWS works better when site-specific or combined with biomarker, studies find

The effectiveness of the National Early Warning Score (NEWS) was assessed in two studies, both published online by Critical Care Medicine on Sept. ... tertiary care academic facility and community hospital. It included 42,402 adult patients hospitalized
October 2018

Acute renal failure

The term “acute kidney injury” (AKI) comes from the proposed RIFLE criteria (Critical Care. ... Patients may be transferred from one acute care hospital to another for many reasons.
November 2010

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