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Critical care

The test involves applying a layer of gel to the closed eyelid with the patient in supine position and measuring the optic nerve sheath.
November 2019

Beating burnout

Ramsey, who is a critical care specialist at Cleveland Clinic in Ohio. ... The problem with flexible schedules is that they're much more complicated for administrators, countered Meredith Wold, PA-C, advanced practice clinician supervisor for hospital
June 2018

Pulmonary disease

health system between June 27 and Oct. 4. After the index case at the health system, patients were rapidly identified through a telecritical care service. ... In response to the cases, the health system formed a task force of five pulmonary and critical
November 2019

Acute kidney injury, racial disparities

The study results were published June 3, 2019, by Critical Care Medicine and appeared in the September 2019 issue. ... Clinicians should routinely calculate fluid overload in the critical care setting to prevent it and its potential consequences, the
January 2020

New guideline on treating critical illness-related corticosteroid insufficiency

The guideline from the Society of Critical Care Medicine and the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine is an update to consensus statements on the topic published in 2008. ... Two critical care societies recently updated their joint recommendations
October 2017

Hospitalists and intermediate care prove to be a good fit

specialist. Patients are admitted to the ImCU based on intermediate care criteria established by the Society of Critical Care Medicine. ... The ImCU hospitalists also had the occasional conflict with their critical care colleagues about the allocation of
July 2012

Infectious diseases

It was published in the Oct. 1 American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine. ... While the 2007 guideline accepted the use of the health care-associated pneumonia category, as introduced in the 2005 ATS/IDSA hospital-acquired and
October 2019

Uncertainty clouds protocols

Kellum, MD, a ProCESS study author and professor of critical care at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. ... He and other critical care experts had some suggestions on how hospitalists may want to modify care based on the ProCESS and ARISE trials
March 2015

Age associated with risk for death in ICU survivors

However, they noted that these data should “inform in broad strokes” and that clinicians should keep in mind that most elderly patients can and do survive a critical illness. ... For elderly patients who receive critical care, the focus should be on
May 2019

Sepsis: SIRS due to an infection

Photo by Comstock. The diagnosis of sepsis was determined by the International Sepsis Definition Conference (ISDC) in 2001, an account of which was published in Critical Care Medicine in April 2003.
January 2011

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