Our special pandemic issue

This issue reports on three COVID-19 hotspots and includes essays and poems by our readers.

Usually, this is the letter where I'd tell you about how our November issue is recognizing 10 top hospitalists for their wide-ranging projects and achievements in the past year. But this year, recognizing that just about everyone in hospital medicine has been focused on the same critical project of dealing with the pandemic, we're doing something different.

For our main story, Senior Writer Mollie Frost interviewed hospitalists in three areas hit hard by COVID-19: New York, New Orleans, and Phoenix. The novel coronavirus arrived at different times and with differing intensities in these three cities, posing a variety of challenges for the hospitalists who led the responses.

To gather an even broader range of pandemic experiences, this summer we asked our readers to share their stories. We were overwhelmed by the quantity and quality of responses we received—they made us laugh, cry, and think. We've divided the 26 pieces into parts 1, 2, and 3 for you.

This issue is full of reader contributions. This month's Success Story also came out of the solicitation for reader experiences, when one hospital medicine program let us know how they had used telehealth to keep track of the many patients with COVID-19 who passed through their doors. And our Brief Case section is made up of cases submitted by physicians at several different institutions.

We greatly appreciate our readers for all of their contributions to the magazine and, of course, to the health of the country. We're cheering for you. Please email us anytime at acphospitalist@acponline.org.

Stacey Butterfield