Letter from the Editor

This month's issue tackles gender equity and workload in academic medicine.

There are great parts of being an academic hospitalist, from shaping the future of the physician workforce to leading the way in research and practice innovation. But it can be particularly challenging, too, and this issue focuses on some of the difficult aspects of academic medicine.

Being a woman in academic hospital medicine carries its own special burdens, such as fewer speaking gigs, as our story describes. Staff writer Mollie Durkin dove into recent research on gender bias in medicine and then got prominent women hospitalists to compare the data to their own experiences and perspectives. Their male colleagues share the burden of the other challenge in our cover story package—workload. Burnout has become a common complaint among hospitalists lately, and our story looks at how heavy patient loads, documentation requirements, and short length of stay contribute to the problem. Researchers and hospitalist programs are busy finding solutions, and the story explores how some of these might work.

Shifting from the problems facing attendings to those they may be causing, this month's Q&A looks at bullying in academic medicine. A national survey of residents and fellows revealed that almost half of them felt that they'd been bullied in the past year, and even more reported witnessing bullying. The study's author explains why this finding is important and what the medical community can do to fix it and potentially improve the health and happiness of trainees.

To increase the health and happiness of patients, some experts are advocating a greater focus on spirituality in the hospital. Our feature story describes the role of hospitalists, chaplains, and others in meeting the spiritual needs of inpatients. Continuing the focus on patients' heads, an Expert Analysis in this issue reviews when to order electroencephalography (EEG) and how to act on the results. This month's Test Yourself looks at the same question, with a quiz from MKSAP 17 about EEGs.

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Stacey Butterfield
Editor-in-Chief, ACP Hospitalist