Letters to the Editor

This month's issue features our 2015 Top Hospitalists, along with a feature on detecting human trafficking and an Expert Analysis on malignant bowel obstruction.

I am a second-year internal medicine resident who just received my first copy of ACP Hospitalist. I couldn't help but laugh so hard at Jamie Newman's column, “Choosing Unwisely” (ACP Hospitalist, September 2015). As humorous as it sounds (and I know the story is fictional), it is also quite sad that scenarios like this occur every day in hospitals across the U.S. Sometimes we get so drowned in trying to “fix” the patient that we begin to chase shadows and forget the simple reason for their visit in the first place—in this case, a simple cut to the cheek. Unfortunately, this may continue to be a recurring issue as long as physicians and residents continue to think of “choosing wisely” with one half of their brains while the other half thinks about litigation. Keep up the good work and be assured that I will keep reading.

Fidelis Obu, MD, MPH, ACP Resident/Fellow Member
Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center,
Toledo, Ohio