April 2015

When patients won't leave

Strategies to achieve a timely discharge

Inpatient ART errors can cause long-term problems for HIV patients

Antiretroviral therapy is less complex than it used to be, but errors are still common

Pulmonary hypertension: A clinical review

A clinical review of the condition

Consistent consults improve cirrhosis care

A tertiary care center used mandatory GI consults to help meet quality indicators

A card and a couple of minutes convey condolences

A study finds that clinicians express condolences to patients' families at inconsistent rates

Pulmonary hypertension and pulmonary heart disease

Documentation and coding for these cases are surprisingly challenging

Quattro formaggi

Working in the hospital can be a cheesy experience

Letter from the Editor

This month's issue includes articles on moonlighting, dealing with patients who won't leave, avoiding ART errors in HIV patients, and more

MKSAP quiz on HIV

Cases involving diagnoses in patients with HIV are presented

Recent Research

High-intensity statins after CHD hospitalization, beta-blockers at discharge and 30-day readmissions, metoclopramide and pneumonia in stroke, and more

In the News

Overuse of tests, reproductive-age women and opioids, counseling on sexual activity after MI, and more