February 2009

Letter from the editor

The American Board of Medical Specialties last fall began offering board certification in palliative care, opening up an exciting new career path for hospitalists.

Giving hospitalists their space

Cleveland Clinic’s division of general internal medicine decided to try “geographic rounding” after a patient satisfaction survey revealed that many patients were unhappy that “my doctor is never around.” That sentiment is starting to change now that hospitalists spend more time actually talking with patients and less time getting to them.

Heartening news about cardiac surgery in the elderly

Not long ago, a patient’s advanced age was a serious, potentially prohibitive risk factor when considering surgery. But innovations in surgical techniques, better patient care, and improving attitudes towards aging have led to octogenarians routinely surviving surgery and often significantly benefiting from it, allowing them to enjoy an improved quality of life for a decade or more afterward

New research on heart failure, elderly surgery at AHA Scientific Sessions

New research on heart failure, elderly surgery at AHA Scientific Sessions

Measure of the month: Stroke and stroke rehabilitation

In accordance with a law passed by Congress late in 2006, physicians and other eligible professionals are able to receive bonus payments of a percentage (increased to 2%) of their total allowed Medicare charges, subject to a cap, by submitting information for defined quality measures.

Safety versus dignity: A balancing act

In the hospital, privacy is a scarce commodity often sacrificed in return for patient safety or our own convenience.

Is it sepsis?

John Doe was brought to the emergency department by ambulance from a local nursing home.

Warnings for antiepileptics, bowel prep

Recalls, warnings, alerts, and approvals

Alternative medicines by age and condition

Alternative medicines by age and condition

MKSAP: Acute pancreatitis

A 51-year-old woman is hospitalized because of the acute onset of moderately severe, constant upper abdominal pain associated with nausea and vomiting... and other cases.

Journal watch: Recent studies of note

Recent studies about STEMI death rates in women vs. men, pressure ulcer treatements, and other topics

In the news

Curnent news about error data, heart disease deaths, and cardiology criteria