June 2008

Hyperglycemia in Hospitalized Patients

The inpatient setting provides an opportunity to identify individuals with previously undiagnosed diabetes, optimize therapy in those whose condition was previously poorly controlled, provide patient education, and implement a plan for postdischarge diabetes care in conjunction with the primary physician and other health care providers. The objective of this supplement is to address the opportunities and challenges of hyperglycemia in the hospital setting. This activity is supported by an educational grant from Novo Nordisk Inc., Princeton, New Jersey.

Letter from the Editor

With stroke, there’s a common saying that time lost is brain lost.

In the News

CDC reports sharp rise in kidney disease hospitalizations

Coding corner

Coding corner Billing for routine perioperative care by hospitalists may require modifiers

Costs at any price?

Comparison tools may be flawed but consumer demand keeps growing.

Stopping clots in their tracks

An expert gives tips on when and how to use prophylaxis

Examining clinical questions in acute coronary syndromes

Recent research could change standard practice

Find chemistry with your Yoda

Mentoring experts offer advice for making the right match.

It's all about the chest compressions

New CPR advice downplays ventilation

Comanagement commandments

Keep consultation relationships well-defined to avoid problems down the road

New test detects MRSA within 24 hours

New test detects MRSA within 24 hours

When a treatment is worse than the disease

When a treatment is worse than the disease

Journal watch: Recent studies of note

Recent studies about heart failure after noncardiac surgery, in-hospital PCI, and other topics