August 2007

CMS proposes 2008 physician payments

In early July, CMS released proposed changes to Medicare physician payments for 2008.

Sending patients home with a little extra care

Campaign advances care for home health patients

Wiping out surgical site infections

Protocols and preparation are key

Passionate about teaching doctors

Rashida A. Khakoo, MACP, honored for work in medical education

Building trust aids decision making in end-of-life care

The patient is dying. More medical intervention is futile. But the family, speaking for their loved one, still wants everything done.

Deciding when patients can't

End-of-life considerations for incapacitated patients without surrogates

Test yourself: Palliative care

A 72-year-old, 90-kg (198-lb) woman who lives in an assisted living facility is evaluated after 10 days in the intensive care unit. She was admitted with severe urosepsis... and other cases.

Journal watch: recent studies of note

Recent studies about postoperative VTE risk, preoperative hematocrit, and other topics.